New Sponsorship announced



Photo Credit  

We extend our sincere thanks to Grant Schwartzkopff who has taken most of the photo's attached to this site.


Thanks Grant for letting us use your 'snaps'. Check out his website links to see photos taken at our events or his complete range of other photo subjects 


New Sponsorship announced

Renmark Club Renmark Club

The Triathlon club committee is excited to have been advised that the 'Renmark Club' will provide $1500 to the support the development of our equipment. One key target has been the desire to purchase a pop up tent especially for event registrations and these funds will go a long way towards funding this item. We hope to see this new purchase gracing our events very early in the season.

We wish to thank the 'Renmark Club' for this generous contribution - we ask members to 'return the favour by supporting the 'Renmark Club at every opportunity.